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Top 6 Ways Associations use kenect

  1. Text All Your Members

    Text members 1 by 1 or all at the same time, with Kenect's new broadcast messaging feature. 

  2. Make Things Easier for Your Members

    Finance departments no longer want to receive paper invoices for membership dues. Let them pay via text. 

  1. Get Paid via Text

    Stop sending out bills or worrying about getting paid. Simply send a text to your members and get paid. 

  2. Streamline Communication

    Whether texting current or prospective members, we'll help streamline the process by keeping it in one place.

  1. Stay Connected 

    The last 2 years have been a mess. Your events are messed up, your communication is different, your members are stressed. Cut through the noise and communicate more effectively. 

  2. They Want to Text. Let Them. 

    Your members want to text. Let them. 

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