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FAQ About the LawPay + Kenect Integration

  1. Will it help my law firm get paid? 

    Yes. Early data indicates that law firms will get paid 85%+ faster if they combine texting with LawPay. 

  2. How does the integration work?

    It's pretty simple. We've integrated Kenect and LawPay. So now you can send text messages to get paid. You can enroll in LawPay through the Kenect platform. 

  1. Why is texting better?

    98% of text messages are opened and read. Compare that to roughly 5% of phone calls being answered and 10% of emails being opened...and you can see why texting to collect payment works better. 

  2.  How do I sign up?

    If you're a LawPay customer, sign up for Kenect and start texting. It's that simple. Request a demo here: 

    If you're not, just enroll in LawPay and sign up for Kenect. We'll provide all the training and tools you need to succeed. 
  1. Are there any incentives to enroll right now?

    If you sign up for the integration, LawPay will pay for the first month of Kenect. That's right, you'll get the first month of Kenect for free (in the form of LawPay credits). 

  2. What impact will this have on my law firm?

    We expect you'll start to get paid on time more often, get paid up to 85% faster, and immediately be able to collect on late payments. 89% of your clients say texting is the best way to reach them. 

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