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In your demo, we'll go over Kenect and how to maximize all the unique features we offer including:

Unlock Powerful Features: Dive into a live demo to explore the full range of Kenect's capabilities. Learn how our innovative features can enhance customer interactions, drive conversions, and elevate your business to new heights

Personalized Solutions for You: In the demo, experience a tailored walkthrough that addresses your specific needs and challenges. Witness how Kenect's customizable solutions can be seamlessly integrated into your business, providing a unique and effective communication strategy

Dive into Integration Features: Send an automated message to a prospect that is looking for furniture on their kiosk. It's a way to re-engage with someone that is interested but doesn't buy anything at the store through the kiosk!



How Do Furniture Businesses Use Kenect?

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What Customers Are Saying About Kenect


"We used to call customers, but 75% of the time they wouldn't answer. So now we text them with Kenect, and they immediately text back. "

- Justin D. 

"Kenect has been so easy to use and has definitely helped increase our sales by making our customer communication more efficient."

-Alex Wright - Wright's Furniture and Flooring

"We compared about five different platforms looking at pricing and features... Kenect had so many features for the price offered, it really was a no-brainer. Our customers are happier and our employees are more efficient."

- Colleen Fox