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Top 6 Ways Dealers are using kenect

  1. Generate Online Reviews

    Review requests sent via text message through Kenect are responded to more than 35X more than emails.

  2. Get More Leads

    Capture more leads from your website by putting the Kenect 'Text Us' button on your site. It allows your visitors to text you directly from your website. 

  1. Get Paid via Text

    Stop sending out bills via email or the postal service. Simply send a text to your customers and get paid instantly. 

  2. Streamline Communication

    Whether texting about sales or service items, you'll streamline your process and save up to 45 minutes per person per daywe'll help streamline the process by keeping it in one place.

  1. Stay Connected 

    Dealers are in CONSTANT communication with their clients. Text them directly. Be transparent about inventory of new units and parts.  

  2. Answer FAQs

    Answer all the questions that get asked on a regular basis, like directions, hours of operation, etc.

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